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CML, Camel Hydraulic, Camel Precision is Taiwan Gear Pump manufacturer and Gear Pump supplier With more than 40 years experience, CML is specialized in Vane Pump, internal gear pump, external gear pump, solenoid valve, modular valve, flow control valve, pressure control valve, check valve, servo system, power unit, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, hydraulic accessory manufacture. since 1981.

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Gear Pump

Hydraulic Pump, Internal Gear Pump, External Gear Pump, Eckerle Internal Gear Pump / 40 years experience, Professional of hydraulic pumps & Valves, Asia Sole Agent of Eckerle, Experienced team, Rich product types, Total solution, Flexible customization, Global Distribution.

CML Gear Pump Series ,Internal Gear Pump, External Gear Pump, Eckerle Internal Gear Pump
CML Gear Pump Series ,Internal Gear Pump, External Gear Pump, Eckerle Internal Gear Pump

Gear Pump

Hydraulic Pump, Internal Gear Pump, External Gear Pump, Eckerle Internal Gear Pump

CML Gear Pump Series providing diversified choices. Including Taiwan made internal gear pumps, external gear pumps, and imported internal gear pumps, and so on. With 40 years of accumulated hydraulic pump manufacturing experience, we provide a variety of combination products, and can plan and design the system according to customer needs.

CML’s products are widely used in all kinds of manufacturing machinery, metal processing machinery, mobile machinery, hydraulic systems, servo systems, and integrated hydraulic oil and electricity application.
Combining the characteristics of different Hydraulic pumps to achieve low noise creates a friendly working environment, low energy consumption joins environmental protection. Low consumption for cost-saving, etc., Most importantly, it can greatly improve the accuracy and stability of mechanical operation and maximize customer benefits.

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According to their types, gear pumps can be divided into internal gear pumps and external gear pumps. CML provides motor assembly and selection services, assembling tandem gear pumps, and combinations of vane pumps and gear pumps, etc. If you have any requirements, please contact us.

  • A variety of pressure and flow options.
  • Flexible combination of imported and Taiwan-made products.
  • More cost-effective and faster delivery.
  • Rich experience in industrial applications.
  • Support custom-built services.
  • Hydraulic circuit design service.

Gear Pump

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Internal Gear Pump - CML Internal Gear Pump, Multistage Gear Pump IGP IGH.
Internal Gear Pump

Camel Precision Co., Ltd. (CML) Gear Pump Series providing diversified choices. Including Taiwan...

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External Gear Pump - CML External Gear Pump, Low noise, Low Pulse External Gear Pump.
External Gear Pump

After the advent of variable vane pumps, CML developed external gear pumps in 1982. In response...

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EIPC3 Catalog

Eckerle Internal Gear Pumps catalog.

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CML, Camel Hydraulic, Camel Precision Gear Pump Service Introduction

Located in Taiwan since 1981, Camel Precision Co., Ltd. is a Gear Pump supplier and manufacturer in Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Industry.

In 1981 Camel Precision Co.,Ltd was founded. The management of company fully awards of high quality products requires not only sophisticate machinery, But good knowledge in technology is also important as well. Company invited senior engineers from Germany and Japan to lead the manufacturing and training of local engineers in hydraulic industry. We offer our customers industrial pumps, solenoid directional control valves, hydraulic pumps, vane pumps, external gear pump, internal gear pump, directional valve, hydraulic valves...etc.

CML, Camel Hydraulic, Camel Precision has been offering customers high-quality Gear Pump production service, both with advanced technology and 38 years of experience, CML, Camel Hydraulic, Camel Precision ensures each customer's demands are met.

CML Brand Story
CML Brand Story

Enthusiasm catalyzes dreams; Energy promotes industry and drives continuous progress in the world.

Customer Service
Customer Service

With the rich product range, years of experience CML can provide integrated solutions to achieve customers' benefits.

Global Network
Global Network

CML serving customers all over the world through local agents and prompt air and sea freight deliveries.